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You are more than your test score. 

I needed this…

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Everything about this picture is art & beauty.


In continuing the recent theme of portraits of powerful women, here is a selection of Maxim Vakhovskiy‘s figure portraits featuring women and their babies.  Check out his book, Black Venus and many of his other stunning photographs on his tumblr.


Brooke Schultz Photography

Don’t move a child roughly if you can move her gently; don’t move her gently if you can tell her to move; don’t tell her if you can ask her.

-Alfie Kohn
from Punished by Rewards

Parenting 101 right there

Indeed, the same paradox appears: many of the teachers and parents who grumble that kids ‘just don’t take responsibility’ spend their days ordering kids around—as though children could learn how to make good decisions by following directions.
Alfie Kohn, What to Look For in a Classroom…and Other Essays


Text reads: When you look at the kind of schooling that’s all about superior results and “raising the bar,” you tend to find a variety of unwelcome consequences: less interest in learning for its own sake, less willingness to take on challenging tasks (since the point is to produce good results, not to take intellectual risks), more superficial thinking … and more cheating. -Alfie Kohn (Feel-Bad Education)




This is a highly distressing video of an obstetrician cutting an episiotomy without the consent of the woman. She says no multiple times. They lie to her by saying a tear would be worse. They lie by cutting an episiotomy much larger than an inch. Kelly’s mom even tells the doctor to cut her. No one was on her side and supporting her. This birth happened in California in the year 2013. This video is seriously distressing, and this doctor needs his ass handed to him. 

You can read more about what happened to Kelly at Improving Birth and Human Rights in Childbirth.

Ugh, how traumatizing that experience must have been.

I really hope some sort of legal action was taken against that doctor.

The hospital is not responding to her, and so far no lawyers are interested in her case. This OB is still practicing :( It’s sickening all around.

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